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2nd Avastin injection

On Thursday I had my 2nd Avastin injection but my 1st in my left eye. It is now 2 days hence and I feel the eye is back to normal. This time it seems I healed faster than my first injection. I was quite successful at keeping my eye closed for 24 hours after the injection. I experience the same pain and the feeling I had some particle in my eye. I was able to go into meditation for most of my waking hours during that first 24 hours so found that helped a lot to keep my eye closed. Trying to read or view the tele or computer screen was too discomforting because of the strain on using one eye and every time I moved my eyes I felt the 'particle' discomfort.

I had laser surgery in both eyes in November and Dr. Lam commented that my retinas are improving. I have appointments in March and April for follow-ups.


This is my interpretation of Anna’s teachings in the book entitled ‘Mister God, This Is Anna’ authored by Fynn. The book is Fynn’s account of a 6 year-old girl he finds one night on his way home from the pub who has “runned away”. He takes her home and his family takes her in and accepts Anna has a member of their family. What Fynn and the family come to realize is Anna’s close association with “Mister God”. In her limited knowledge of language she observes things and events, interprets, and teaches what she has learned. I say ‘teaches’ rather than ‘tells’ because she is very confident she is relating Mister God’s opinion.

Anna said she knows Mister God is everywhere and inside everything. When asked by the local Christian Minister why he doesn’t see her in church, she replies, “I don’t need church”. The minister asks, “why is that”, and Anna says, “I know Mister God. People go to church that don’t know Mister God”. She had told Fynn earlier that she doesn’t look for Mister God outside herself because he is inside her and that most people look for Mister God outside themselves not knowing he is inside them.

2010-11-11 Churches and religions and even those scientific institutions are God-properties on the outside.God-functioning is on the inside. You don’t need those outside properties if you function God-like from the inside.

Anna often drew a circle on paper or with chalk on the pavement with many dots outside the circle and many small circles inside. She explained the dots outside, sometimes represented people; sometimes other things she loved or cherished; and sometimes things she worried about; and her need to help others. The large circle represented her being. The small circles in the middle of her being, represented holes that appeared with the dots outside. Anna explained the holes needed filling and would fill when she resolved the outside dots.

When the outside dots represented people she cared for, Anna said to fill the corresponding holes inside her she had to learn to love those persons for what they are and not for what she wanted them to be. In other words no judgment only ‘unconditional love’

On another occasion, Anna said the dots outside his circle were things Fynn cherished and they put holes inside him like that motorcycle he longed for in the store window. Once he realizes that outside things don’t contribute to happiness and happiness only comes from inside, then the holes will be filled.

(This is an on-going project and will be added to when I accept my interpretations. I don’t think any other book has been as thought-provoking for me as is this book)

Left Eye Cataract Surgery

On Monday October 18th, I had cataract surgery on my left eye and now 2 days later I can announce it was a complete success. I now already can see details much better from the left eye than I could 2 days after my previous surgery on my right eye. I can now read normal print with my right eye and once my left eye fully recovers I expect to have 20/20 vision and won't need corrective lenses.

By tomorrow I hope to be able to drive to my office volunteering at the Surrey Hospice Society office. I am still not to bend over or lift anything heavy for the rest of the week.I still need to take 3 types of drops 3 times a day till they run out. My home nurse, my wife Marlene, sees to my drops.

1st Injection

I had the first injection into my right eye of Avastin on Monday September 27th and it took 2 days for the discomfort to go away. Dr. Lam used a local anesthetic then injected into the right lower side of the right eye. After putting some gooey drops in that eye, he informed me not to open my eye for 2 hours and longer if I can. He said the longer I keep it closed the sooner it will heal. It was easy to keep the eye closed because it felt glued shut. I was one-eyed for a good 24 hours and when the local anesthetic came out I had some throbbing pain in the eye that kept me awake during the night. I was confined to the house till Wednesday morning. I found it took longer to get over this injection than it did for the cataract surgery.

Retina Problems

I had an appointment with Dr. Lam yesterday and he told me I have developed more damage to the retinas in both eyes since my last laser surgery. He recommended trying injections of Avastin which is a new technique for remedying this problem. He said each injection will cost me $150 because it is not covered by Medicare. He wants to do the 1st injection on my right eye this coming Monday.

I found a description of a study done using Avastin for this purpose on the Internet at the following link:


Heather's Upcoming Visit to Philly

Philly loves visitors. He takes to visitors right away and insists on their attention both physically and verbally. So Heather be prepared to give Philly plenty of attention during your visit. No, you are not allowed to take him home --- Sorry!

The last 3 days it has been very hot and it slowed down Philly. However, this morning it is quite cool and Philly is making up for his inactivity during the heat. He is an orange blur, sipping from room to room.Jumping from furniture to furniture. Obviously, his battery got over-charged!


Today I got the results of a CT scan and chest x-ray done last week. Dr. Nazif reported to me that my lungs are cancer free. He seemed as excited as I was over the news. He said considering the size of the tumor removed that there was a 60% chance the cancer had spread and the most likely place for it to spread was the lungs. He still wants to follow-up in January with blood and urine tests; another chest x-ray and a CT scan on my abdomen.

Earlier in the month I have had follow-up exams with Dr. Lam’s technician, Dr. Zack and Dr. Hern on my eyes. Dr. Lams technician photographed my retinas and later his office called to have me see Dr. Lam again in September. Both Dr. Zack and Dr. Hern reported that my cataract surgery on my right eye looks good and I am to have my left eye done in October. How about that! I need 3 eye doctors.

I also had a routine blood test for diabetes and an appointment with Dr. Hartwig (my GP) and he reported that my blood sugar level was 5.7 which is on the low side of average. He dropped one of the daily medications that I have been taking. He also found my blood pressure is too high so he put me on another medication for 2 weeks and tested me again. This time my blood pressure was in the middle of normal so I am now to take that new medication daily.

"I Can See Clearly Now"

This morning I woke with this song in mind. I figure it was an omen for the successful outcome of the cataract surgery I had this morning on my right eye. I just got home from the hospital an hour ago. I have a patch taped over my eye so don't know yet how well I will see from it. The patch comes off tomorrow and then I will know whether the omen rings true.

Introducing Philly

This is our new family member, Philly. He is 11 weeks old. I took Cassandra and Hailey kitten shopping on Saturday and we chose Philly at the first place we looked. The kitten took to Hailey right away at the petshop and played with her contiually when we got home even when Hailey got a little rough or picked him up improperly. The cats downstairs don't get along with Hailey.

Now that we have had Philly for a couple of days, Mom and I are very taken with him. He is much like Frodo in that he seems to be fearless and made himself to home right away. He is also like Hershee because he likes to cuddle and prefers a lap to sleep on or lay-up against or on top of you in bed at night. He is also like Rosco because he can jump great distances already. He is long and lean with long legs. He skoots from room to room and jumps from chair to chair until he wears himself out and then looks for a lap. He purrs almost continually and talks alot. Whenever he sees someone he meows. Sheila figures he has some Siamese in him because of the shape of his head and Siamese are known to talk alot.