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dadaikins's Journal

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I was born, educated and married in Saskatchewan, Canada and moved to Vancouver when I was 29.

I got married in my early twenties and along with my wife raised two daughters. The elder daughter now resides in England and my wife and I live above our other daughter’s family in an up-down duplex.

I presently am 5 years retired from a career in medical imaging installation and service. I spent over 30 years in this industry and 9 previous years servicing microwave communication equipment. My working life and interests during that period was all high-tech and scientific based. I am a prove-it-to-me kind of guy. I more or less gave up on religion in my teens. I had more questions than I could get answers for. I put a study into the religions of the world but came away confused.

My belief system started to change some 10 years ago when a disturbing event happened in a close relative’s family. This led me to want to help individuals in that family to emotionally cope and found I needed to learn some psychology to find out what makes people tick and how to “fix” them. This led me to investigate my own self-awareness and found who I really am and learned what is important in life.

Shortly before I retired a scientist I came to know told me he got messages through a medium from a passed-on colleague that helped him in his research. This was an eye-opener for me because I believed anything psychic was faked by the participants to make money from the gullible. Because I respected this scientist, I decided to investigate the so-called paranormal. He gave me the medium’s phone number and the subsequent messages from spirit he provided me convinced me that life continues after death. On his advice I started going to spiritualist churches to learn more about spiritualism.

On retirement from the high-tech industry, I had this desire to apply what I have learned about myself and spiritualism into some community volunteering and that found me joining a hospice society as a companion to persons at the end of their lives and with those that have lost a loved one. I presently put in 70 to 80 hours a month with the hospice society and volunteer for my local spiritualist church. I have changed from doing “head work” to doing “heart work”.